Family Time:

an unspecific period of relaxing, or doing things that we enjoy doing together, without the worries that life can issue.

Solitary Confinement:

a form of imprisonment; no meaningful contact with others.

Family time was the gathering of loved ones, a sanctuary where our thoughts and feelings were intentionally set free to be exposed. There was a time before social media, a time when one could share his or her innermost thoughts with a loved one without the feeling of shame that can accompany his or her truth. Family time is now just the gathering of bodies with the mind not being an active participant, for we are now fixated on the lives of others and how they chose to live…..


“Movie night anyone?”




“How does 7pm sound?”


“Sounds good.”

As we began to watch our movie together I noticed that everyone had an electrical device in their hands. As our movie played on I took a moment to observe the watchful eyes of the others, and to no surprise their eyes were not on the big screen, their eyes were fixated on their own personal entertainment systems. I decided to seize the moment, for I wanted to show them that we are being led into a closed-in, desolate, isolated, and a solitary future, but not a lonely one, for their machines will be the company that we keep as our movie plays on…..


“Did you see that?


“See what?”

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

Time is short…..



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