Wife: “Lets go on vacation.”

Husband: “Where would you like to go?”

Wife: “Africa!”

Husband: “Why Africa?”

Wife: “It looks like paradise, do you think it will be safe over there?

Husband: What does the brochure say?”


Husband: “We will be safe as long as we follow their instructions.”

Wife: “I am so excited, we better start getting ready.”

Webster’s dictionary…

Resort- a place that is a popular destination for “VACATIONS,” where one can “RELAX,” and “ENJOY.”

My definition….

Resort- a parcel of land that is cut off from the surrounding inhabited areas that are only suitable for animals, and the indigenous people of that particular geographical region. Then man, with his superior man made complex gentrifies that parcel of land. He turns it into a healthy environment with running water, and toilets that go flush in the night, so he can excrete the waste from his healthy appetite. While knowing all along that the unhealthy inhabitants of that particular geographical region have no access to filtered water, or toilets that go flush in the night.

Channel 4 News…

Newscaster #1

There have been unconfirmed reports that the food at many resorts have been serving tainted meat. The president ensures everyone that this issue will be resolved shortly, as they are preparing a cargo of fresh meat to disperse to those resorts that have been effected by this.

Newscaster #2

Those poor people, “IT IS A SHAME” that they must suffer like that.

In other news….

An epidemic of murders in Oakland, California, has claimed “HUNDREDS” of lives in the past decade, and the victims families often face discriminatory treatment by the police.

Black children are being killed in St. Louis. Their deaths are going unsolved. Since April, at least 12 children, ranging from 2-16 have been killed in fatal gun fire incidents. “NO” suspects have been found.

In Chicago, 146 people have been killed this year. That is 3 more than 2019.

If murders continue at the rate they were reported in January, New Orleans would see as many as 192 homicides over the course of 2020.

As of Thursday, there have been 31 reported homicides in unincorporated Miami Dade, compared to 26 over the same time period a year ago.

As of last week, New York City, reported 42 murders in 2020.



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