A close friend of mine came to visit me today that I haven’t seen in a while, but time and distance is just a formality, for we are self- proclaimed brothers in this life.

Me: You finally made it, how have you been?

Friend: I have been well, but we need to go to the liquor store, I spent all my money driving down here!

Me: OK, but you will have to stay in a hotel, I do not want your blood on my hands!

Friend: I understand.

As I pulled into the the parking lot of the liquor store I noticed this homeless looking woman digging in a garbage can.

Me: How much do you need?

Friend: Twenty dollars.

Me: Here is forty, give twenty to that woman digging in that trash can.

Friend:You mean that white woman?

Me: Yes!

Friend: Why?

Me: Because hunger has no color!


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