As I started to become of age my grandmother and I became close, and from time to time she would hear me make statements that did not sit well with her….

Me: I AM NOT GOING TO CHURCH TODAY! Did you see how the pastor was acting last week? What do they do with all that money?

Grandmother: “Boy focus on the message and not the messenger!”

Me: “But grandma, did you see all that money?”

Grandmother: Sit down. Now I am going to tell you something that will keep you dry in the storms of life. Do not focus on the messenger for he is just man, focus on the message because it was given to him by God. I have a question for you. The last time that you were in Church, what did you see?

Me: All I ever see is them asking for money. They ask for money at the beginning, they ask for money in the middle, and at times they have the nerve to ask for money at the end. And to make my disbelief even more valid, is that everyone is looking at the prettiest thing in the parking lot on the way out, and no, it isn’t Sister Jackson’s daughter, it is the Pastors car!

Grandmother: All I kept hearing you say was how they kept asking for money. When you pay someone for something, don’t you expect to get something in return?

Me: Yes.

Grandmother: Well what do you think they are getting in return!?

Me: I don’t know.

Now feeling like my young age, the confidence that I had prior is now a thing of the past. As she noticed my humbleness taking advantage of me, she put one arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear…

Grandmother: Well don’t you think you should go and find out?

Me: How?

Grandmother: Close your mouth, shut your eyes, and listen!” For it will all be revealed in the Lords time.

I did not take her advice at that time, but I now know that we are all on the Lords time, for I have been blessed to find out what “THEY” get in return in my later stages of life. I am thankful that the Lord has kept me. I am thankful for the gift of preservation. I am thankful for the gift of understanding, and I am thankful for the Lord blessing me with the time to find out what “WE” get in return.

Thank you!

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.”

John 3:36



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