There comes a time in ones life when one must make a grown up decision, a decision to be a regular, the lead, the star, or only make cameo appearances.

During my acting career I have played many roles…..


I am currently “STARRING” in an intimate documentary television series that follows a Black man throughout his life as he struggles to cope with being of a darker persuasion in a colorless world..


I was on a show that had a three year run, it was filmed mainly in a classroom setting, I played a young Black man that excelled in sports and academics. I only made cameo appearances, for my character did not know if he was going to answer the call from the streets, or the classroom.


I played the role of a basketball “STAR” that was full of potential, but finds out that his dreams of playing major college basketball were threatened, after he free falls into the harrowing world of alcohol addiction.


I was the “STAR” on a long running series series called “The lost one.” After discovering that he has lost many years of his life while under the influence of the world, a man comes upon a crossroads, where he can either choose the high road, or continue on the road that leads to his destruction. The show was a success, a spin-off is in the works.


I play the “LEADING” role of a loving, caring, giving, faithful family man. He is a GOD FEARING SOBER BLACK MAN that deals with the day to day struggles of the frowned upon.


I “STARRED” in a role of a man who is physically disabled and in constant pain, the man struggled with thoughts of giving up on life by drowning himself in his tears. While fighting these thoughts of freeing his pain, he found something greater than the pain that was torturing his being, he found the Lord.


“I was lost, but the Lord has found me.” The highly anticipated chronological series spin-off is about a son that comes from a strong and loving spiritual Black family. In this harrowing tale of sacrifice, devotion, understanding, love, forgiveness, resolution, truth, sin, appreciation, blessings, wickedness, judgement, righteousness, destruction, courage, deliverance, sin, and faith, “a Black man comes of age!”

“See my servant will act wisely; he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.”

Isaiah 52:13


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