When I was in my early mental stages of accepting my throat cancer diagnosis I would walk around our home and gaze in wonder. I was looking at the life that I could possibly be leaving behind if my body did not fight off this cancerous invading force. During this time of mental and physical uncertainty, I noticed that my wife had recently purchased an unusually small plant. I can recall thinking, “why did she buy such a small plant?”

Me: Babe, what is the name of this plant that you just purchased, and why is it so small?

Wife: Epipremnum aureum, look it up, It may start off small, but if fed with water consistently, it will grow.

Me: (Looking it up) Epipremnum aureum is an evergreen plant. As a household plant, it is commonly grown as a hanging plant, it can climb walls by means of aerial roots. An Epipremnum aureum can reach enormous heights.

Wife: Now that wasn’t hard, was it?

Me: Whatever, “I pray that I live long enough to see it grow,” these pictures are amazing!

Wife: You will!

My wife and I would stay in a hotel through the week while we were going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. When Friday came we would go home for the weekend, and as the weeks went by I noticed that the Epipremnum arreum was beginning to grow at an alarming rate.

Me: Babe, did you see the plant? Look how much it has grown, I cannot believe it!

Wife: I feed it water every weekend.

Me: Well it does look well fed.

Wife: It must be fed well to grow strong and healthy.

After twelve weeks of mental and physical depletion, we returned home. At the beginning of treatment I weighed a hundred and eighty pounds, upon my return home I tipped the scales at a whopping one hundred and seventeen pounds.

Me: (tears falling) Babe, I do not think I am going to make it, I am too small!

Wife: You must be fed to grow strong and healthy, the Lord and I will feed you.

“Now I urge you to take some food. You need it to survive.”

Act 27:34

Thank you both!



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