On the day of October 14, 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared illicit drugs to be a threat to U.S. national security. The war on drugs was a term used to refer to a government led initiative that was aimed to stop illegal drug use and distribution throughout America.

Now I am going to tell you what really happened in my era. The white man devised and constructed a plan to eradicate the black man and his family, it is that simple. The white man intentionally oversaturated the black community with a highly addictive form of cocaine called crack. I can remember as if it were yesterday, the once loud and thriving parks of my neighborhood became a barren wasteland of lost souls. It seemed as if we had to become young adults overnight, for you either sold their drugs, used their drugs, or abstained from their drugs completely, decisions that a fourteen year old should never have to make. The white man knew what a drug of this magnitude would do in a controlled black environment that was of his making, for he plans carefully, and his thoughts are wicked. Some blacks will sell our crack cocaine and we will conjure up new mandatory drug sentencing laws for them. Many will become addicted to our crack cocaine, some will die, and some will never recover. The black woman, who plays a major role in our agenda to eradicate the black male will be our main objective, for she reproduces. We will make sure to oversaturate her body with our crack cocaine so that her unborn black children will be born mentally challenged, for they will be unable to process simple thinking after exiting the womb, the black man will not be a future threat! Let us not forget about the young black male that escaped our grasp of addiction, many have no fathers, for they are either dead, incarcerated, or incapable of taking care of their own, so they will have to fend for themselves to survive. Remember those new mandatory drug sentencing laws that we conjured up for their fathers? It is for them as well, “HI DAD!” The white man put more cocaine up his nose than anyone in America and he received very little or no prison time at all, and he made damn sure that his drug of choice cocaine was not added to the list of The War on Drugs. He even went as far as to stop calling it crack cocaine and just started calling it crack, even more separation from his drug of choice.

Overview: The white man intentionally inserted drugs into black communities across the nation, he then conjured up some bullshit called The War on Drugs, when in actuality, it was The War on Blacks!




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