I was in the grocery store yesterday and I ran in to old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a number of years…..

FRIEND: “Dame is that you?”

ME: “Excuse me?”

FRIEND: “Dame it’s Ron!”

ME: “What’s up Ron? I didn’t recognize you, how is the family doing?”

Friend: “I am doing great and the kids are doing well. Tracy is in college, and Ron Jr works for me.”

ME: “He works for you?”

FRIEND: “Yeah, I started a landscaping company after college.”

ME: “How is Martha doing?”

FRIEND: “We got a divorce some years back, she was starting to slow down a bit, she was a lot older than me.”

ME: “That’s to bad, I really liked Martha, didn’t she help put you through school?”

FRIEND: “Yes, she was a good woman, but enough about me. How have you been? I heard about what happened to you.”

ME: “I am blessed, and my family is well, I have no complaints. Lets exchange numbers, my phone is in the car, follow me.”

FRIEND: “Is that your car Dame?”

ME: “Yes”

FRIEND: “What year is it? It looks old, it looks like you need a new one.”

ME: “She may be old, but if I take care of her, and the Lord takes care of us, we have many miles left!”



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