I love you!

Throughout history the white man has always wanted the black woman. The white man makes up his own rules when it comes to his racism, for he will hang the black man in public, but he will disrobe the black woman behind closed doors. I can recall twenty years ago when all the white models were looking pale and frail, the exact opposite of the black woman, their bodies were on every magazine cover across the country, they were the face of white America. During this time I can recall my beautiful Black sistas being victimized harshly by white women and the media for certain parts of their anatomy. Their big lips, their big noses, their fat asses, and their wide hips, while all along their white men were secretly admiring the alluring naturalness of the Black woman. The mistake white women made was to think that their white men felt the same way about the black woman as they did. White women thought if they had small lips, a small ass, no hips, and a small skinny nose, that their white men would view them as beautiful, the exact opposite of the black woman, but they were wrong. White women were slowly killing themselves by not eating, all to satisfy their own insecurities. I have a question for you, it’s 2021 and what do you see? Well I’ll tell you what I see, I see a country full of fake fat asses, fake wide hips, fake big lips, and whatever else they they can take from the the Black woman’s natural beauty, for they now know that is what their white men desire. I guess all those plastic surgeries and fat injections were not enough, because I am starting to see a lot of tanning booths around town, and it is hot as hell where I live.

Natural Beauty…..



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