There was once a slave named Little Johnny Boy. Now Little Johnny Boy was younger and more competent than your average slave, and although young, Little Johnny Boy was taught to read under the stars at night while massa was asleep. Little Johnny Boy could read well but he was told to keep his talent hidden, for if massa found out he would cut Little Johnny Boys wise tongue out. Little Johnny Boy was constantly thinking of ways to escape his plantation that held him hostage, for his mind was young, and his appetite for freedom kept his mind full of ways to escape. Then one day massa came up to Little Johnny Boy and told him that he would be working for him in the Big House. Little Johnny Boy had been working hard for years trying to please massa for the opportunity to get into the Big House, for that was his plan all along. Little Johnny Boy felt that this was his first major step to escaping his chains, so Little Johnny Boy packed up his few belongings and headed towards the Big House. Once inside the Big House Little Johnny Boy began to take mental notes of everything, for he knows that his stay in the Big House would be short lived, “Never let these niggers get to comfortable,” massa would often say. Then one day out of the blue while Little Johnny Boy was cleaning house, massa came up to him and said, “You are free now boy!” With a look of astonishment Little Johnny Boy responded with his best ignorant nigger act, “I is free now boss, I is a free man now?” “Yes, now leave this place, for shortly you will be charged with trespassing” he said, all while holding on tight to his shotgun and smiling mischievously. Without delay, Little Johnny Boy grabbed his belongings and left the Big House. Once outside Little Johnny Boy seen many slaves jumping in jubilation, “We are free!” We are free!” “We are free!” Although elated, Little Johnny Boy noticed that many of the older slaves were not celebrating their freedom, they just shook their heads and kept their eyes on their work. “They are just old,” Little Johnny Boy thought to himself as he continued to celebrate his freedom while working his way off of the plantation. Although free, Little Johnny Boy realized that he had no where to go, but he knew one thing, he knew that he was not going back from whence he came. Little Johnny Boy was never heard from again.

If another human being was given the authority to punish you on a daily and continuous basis for years, and then one day decides to let you free from your life of servitude because he knows that you have nowhere to go, what would you do? Massa knows that your freedom needs to eat, it needs to stay hydrated, it needs to stay warm, and it needs direction, for massa knows the cost of freedom, a cost that a free slave could not afford. Once the free slaves realized that they could not afford to stay free, many decided that it would be in their best interest to go back to their plantations. But the white man is a evil one, he conjured up a law to recapture the free slaves who continued to search for a way to pay for their so called freedom, a law that exist to this day.

VAGRANCY: state of living as a vagrant; homeless; loitering.

1. Vagrancy Act of 1866- made it a crime for a person to wander from place to place without visible means of support. Basically, these laws criminalized being jobless and homeless. The law came shortly after the American Civil War, when hundreds of thousands of African Americans, many of them just free from slavery, wandered in search of work and displaced family members.

“But you God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days, but as for me, I trust in You.

Psalm 55:23

Don’t trust them…..



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