As I age there are many who I love that are leaving this plain of existence, so my tears write these words as I express my pain on this page. As my hair begins to gray, death seems to be letting me know that our time together will soon be at hand. As I think of my impending death my thoughts are in a state of regret, for I spent much of my life entertaining man made issues of this world, such as bigotry, unfairness, and inequality. I was not born color blind, but I do feel as if I missed the beautiful colors that this world has to offer, for I was only shown black and white. At fifty-two years of age I am not concerned about the world and its illnesses, for these days were foretold. What concerns me most is my mental, my physical, and my spiritual well being, for my meeting with death quickly approaches. As this day comes to a close I would like to thank the Lord for opening my eyes to the beauty that comes with my awakening, for I now see the beautiful colors that this world emits, and it is truly “more than black and white.”

More than black and white…



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