Another year has passed and my pain steadily rises, for my yearly tears are beginning to overwhelm the flood gates once again. I sit with words unspoken on your day, but my key strokes tell all, for spoken words cannot express the pain that I feel for you on this day. Mom I will never get accustomed to this yearly recurrence, for I miss you too much, and although your presence in my memories give me comfort, they can never replace you being here amongst the living. Mom your presence fills my being with a comfort that this world knows not of, so I shall never stray from my loving memories of you, for without them there is no us, so I shall continue to keep my mind clear, clean, and sober. Mom I truly did not know how much you meant to me until you were gone. They say that there is a finality that comes with death, and yes, there is a finality for those who have passed on, but for those of us left behind, our tears will continue to overwhelm the flood gates……..

I loved you yesterday.

I love you today.

I will love you tomorrow.

I will always love you mom.



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