I think one of the issues that stalk the American Black Male is “fear.” I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who believes that the American Black male is scared of success. I do not agree with that assessment at all, for I do not feel that we are scared of success, but I do feel that we have a fear of failure, and that fear is directly related to not having the tools to be successful in a society that was never meant for us to succeed, a society that has no compassion for the American Black male. I understand that fear, but I also understand that sacrifices must be made by each generation for progress to be made. As American Blacks we have to understand that we cannot use the white man as a measuring stick for our success, it is another one of his many traps. The white man has kept us intentionally deprived, he has intentionally prevented the American Black male and female of the cultural interactions that exist between an individual and the rest of society. We are the outcast, the throwaways, things that are intended or destined to be discarded after brief use or appeal. Why do you think a lot of high paid athletes go broke? One reason, although there are many, has to do with the white man and his vision of success. It is not the love of money that destroys the American Black male and female, it is the way we “choose” to spend it once it is attained. Remember, that old mighty dollar is only mighty if you posses it. I am going to make myself very clear. There is nothing wrong with acquiring nice things, just make sure it is in your budget, reward yourself, but “do not” reward the white man at the same time by going broke and putting your leverage back into his pockets. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone driving a Mercedes Benz, money and success, right? Before I started my journey of self-discovery my thinking process was adolescent at best when it pertained to the necessities-vs- wants and how it is related to the survival of the American Black male and female. Here is an example of how my thinking process works concerning the American White male and his symbols of success. From a conceptual point of view a Mercedes Benz is just a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal engine and able to carry a small number of people, like a Honda for example. I know that a Mercedes Benz and a Honda are two very different vehicles, but they both serve the same purpose, which is to transport, to carry from one place to another. Now if you want the extra bells and whistles the Mercedes Benz is the obvious choice, but for many of us it is not the most cost effective choice because our gratification is fueled by the way we want others to view us, and not for what is under the hood. If I decided to buy a Mercedes Benz it would be for what is under the hood. It would be for that 4,966 cc 5 liter v8 front engine with 97mm bore, 84mm stroke, 10 compression ratio, overhead cam and three valves per cylinder. As American Blacks we cannot use the eyes of the white man and adopt his vision of success, it is a trap! Ninety-nine percent of us will fail trying to do so, the other one percent will find out sooner or later that the white dollar goes a lot further than the black dollar. Let me show you what the majority of mankind thinks about us American Blacks who “choose” to adopt the eyes, and not the wallets of the American White male.

“If you are a middle class black, it seems like in order to be perceived by whites and other blacks as relatively well off, you have to show that you have money, you have to spend more on things that are observable.”

Professor, Russian study group

“We call you liquid money.” The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black persons hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it away to people who aren’t black. We see that as a huge opportunity. You will go to an Indian business to cash your check, an Asian salon to get your hair done, an Arab liquor store to get your slave juice, and a white clothing store to get your high end clothes. He also stated, when it is all said and done, these business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat at your bank accounts.

Business man, Jewish

“The Korean family would like to thank all the black women for taking your money that you could use to send your kids to college, and spending it all on our fake hair so we can send our kids to college, Your insecurities and lack of racial pride has made us rich “YOU GO GIRL!”

Family, Korean

“The Black man is indolent and a dreamer, spending his meager wages on frivolity or drink.”

Physician, Government official, Argentinian

“Why are you going crazy over slavery? You do not see the Jews going around talking about their enslavement or native americans or hispanics, you over dramatic. I mean come on, it was sooo long ago that some of us are getting annoyed and I am not talking about all black people, just the real dark ones, move on!”

Ignorant, American

“Remember, excess does not always mean success. The American Black male and female will never be able to attain leverage or hold on to his or her leverage if his or her spending habits continue to mimic those of the white man.”

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Proverbs 21:20

Understanding your fear…….



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