My motives are clear and premeditated, I want to love you as a woman such as yourself deserves be loved, for you are more than deserving of my love and all that I have to offer physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. My love for you was born from the unseen acts that we perform for one another, it is our passion that gives us the strength to love each other through all of life’s troubling times. You have been with me in the trenches of life’s many battles and we have stood strong on the front lines, even when invading forces tried to overthrow our love, we still remain. “The passion I have for you is like no other,” and I am confident while expressing these feelings for reasons that are far beyond this world’s comprehension, for my passion for you will remain long after I depart this plain of existence….


“How do you wish to plead today to the crime of passion Mr. O’Bannon?



My crime of passion…..



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