It was my choice, I placed myself into the traps that the wicked of this unholy world set for me, “I did not choose wisely.” I put all the blame on the wicked of this world when all along I was an accomplice in their fight for my inequality, for I chose the bottle and not the Lord. In life one tends to lay all the blame on the world and its unholy ways, which I agree with wholeheartedly, but when does self-destruction come into play? I say this for one reason, from what I recall, I do not remember the world holding a gun to my head and making me buy a pint of Seagrams Gin and then proceed to hold it hostage until I was done having my way with it, it was I, all by my lonesome. Lord I pray for all those who are in need of help on this day, those who are lost and all alone without You in their lives, for they will continue to wander aimlessly in a world that chooses not care for their well being, their soul. Lord I pray that You bless them with courage and strength for what lies ahead, for without You this unholy world will have their way with them. Lord I also pray that You bless those who have not chosen You with the will to endure, for without Your Grace and Mercy this unholy world and the substances within will not see them through. The wicked of this world may have set the stage, but it was my choice,” to play the role of the town drunk, in their production, of my life.

Choose Wisely…...



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