As I wake to greet this day my stomach is empty and my throat is dry, this day will not begin until my body is refueled for the long journey towards this afternoon. As the early morning gets its fill of nutrition and its thirst quenched, thoughts of my journey to this afternoons feeding has already begun. As midday begins to settle, my hunger that was of this morning will soon be of this afternoon, but I am prepared for what is to come. Whether it be the silent rumbles that grow louder while waiting impatiently for this afternoons feeding, or the frailty that my body unwillingly flaunts, midday must be fed. As the hungry afternoon gets its fill the loud rumbles are no more, and my once weak body is now strong enough to complete my journey to this evenings feeding. The darkness of the night is the feeding grounds for those who have no appetite in the light but will feed endlessly in the shadows, so I quickly get my evenings fill as the darkness begins to engulf my being. I stand and keep watch for the ravenous ones, those whose extreme hunger grows as the sky begins to darken, for they have been craving my arrival since the rising of our sun. I have sustained through my light that is of the day by ingesting the essential nutrients that will sustain them through the darkness that is of their night. It is a never ending game of survival, with the winner getting another chance to feed until it is time to be eaten. The thought of me being a source of nutrition for the ravenous ones keeps me home at night with the doors locked, for when the morning comes, it will be my feeding time……

Survive the night……



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