”PSALM 37:8”

The Lord and His scriptures saved two people the other night, one was I, and the other was a young Caucasian man who was no more than 21 years old. I was on the freeway driving home from my fathers house when he cut me off to get in front of me, I decided to slow down and let him in, and while doing so he stuck his hand out of the window and gave me the middle finger. I pulled into the lane next to ours and we made eye contact, I then proceeded to ask him, “Why would you do that?” His response was suicidal at best, for these were his choice of words, “Shut up nigga!” I will get back to the story after I am finished with my choice of words. “This nigga word that you choose to exercise without concern will have dire consequences for many of you, as you have not yet come realize that you are nothing more than pawns in their game, you may wear the same color as them, but you are not in the same gang.” Now back to the story. After he called me a nigga I chased him down with an inherited anger that he knew not of. As a red light stopped his forward progress I thought of getting out of my car and making him the poster child for those who choose to use the word nigga without concern, but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ intervened, He gave me a scripture…..

“Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper, it only leads to evil doing.”

Psalm 37:8



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