I write these words in remembrance of a very good friend of mine, he was my brother from another mother. My brothers name was Perry Glascoe, he passed away at the age of forty-five from prostate cancer almost eight years ago. I met Perry when I was fifteen years old, he was eighteen. I will not go into detail about his life, but I will say that he had his ups and downs throughout. On the day Perry passed I was at the hospital with only him and his mother, for there were just a few that truly cared for his well being. On his last day on this earth he laid in bed staring at the pouring rain outside of his hospital room window as the doctor informed us that he would not survive the night, so with tears in my eyes I share with you our final conversation:


“What are you looking at Perry?”


“Dame I know I complain to you all the time about being broke and not having a car, but I want to thank you for always being there for me. Dame I just want to get out of this bed and go walk in the rain, I swear, I wouldn’t call you for a ride, I wouldn’t ask you for any money, I would just walk in the rain Dame, I would just walk in the rain.”


“I feel you.”


“No you don’t Dame, no you don’t! I would give anything to be able to leave this hospital bed and walk in the rain, I would give anything Dame, anything!”

As Perry continued to watch the pouring rain I decided to say my last goodbye, for the clock was ticking, and I wanted his mother to share the last remaining hours alone with her son. As I said goodbye I kissed him on the forehead and I told him that it was a pleasure having him not only as my friend in this life, but as my brother, I then proceeded to leave the room without looking back.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”

Proverbs 17:17

Perry I love you, I miss you, and whenever it rains, I will walk for you.



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