Out of fifty-one years on this earth I was under the influence for twenty-three of those years, I will not lie to you, I am here to testify, I was in love with intoxication. In the beginning we went out a few times, you know, a period of feeling each other out so to speak. I was fourteen at the time, a bit young for a relationship, so we kept our liaisons a secret. Intoxication was my first and I shall never forget her, our intimacy was so intoxicating that I wanted nothing more than to be with her, nothing! For the first couple of years our relationship was great, to be honest with you, it was awesome. We began to see each other daily, and it wasn’t long before we moved in together. Living with intoxication can be overwhelming at times, it can become physically, mentally, and spiritually damaging, it not only can, but it will. As the years progressed we were on and off, she would move out, or should I say, I threw her out. I through her out many times, but I always begged for her to come back home, and her reply was always the same, “IF YOU WANT ME BACK, THEN COME AND GET ME!” And I always did. The world can be intoxicating, fun, exciting, stimulating, provocative, and alluring, but buyer beware. Although the intoxicating effects that are of the world might seem enticing, do not be tempted by the short-lived state of euphoria, for the crash is not worth an eternity of? As I write you slowly absorb, so I write with the Lord in me, so he can be in you. The spiritual intoxicating effects that the Lord and his scriptures give you will be like no other, there will be no need to reach for higher heights, for your climb will be over.

12 Years sober…..



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