As we journey through this life loss will be here to accompany us for the duration of our stay. There are many forms of loss, but the loss that we all have in common is the physical aspect of loss, which is death. From birth we are groomed for loss, we lose the peace, the warmth, the comfort, and the internal security that the womb provides, and once the umbilical chord is severed, our journey towards independence after dependence begins. As we open our eyes to the unfamiliarity of our new surroundings we cry out loud into the great unknown. It is at this infant stage of our development when we are in a state of worldly vulnerability, the state of being exposed to the possibility of being hurt, abused, or neglected by those within this world. Instead of writing unconsciously for the next two and a half minutes building up to the climax of my thoughts I’ll get straight to the point. The Lord kept watch over each and every one of us as infants, when we were truly the most vulnerable, the only difference between the present and the past is that we are all now liable for the choices that we choose to make, for we are no longer infants, that insurance policy is no longer valid. We have insurance for our cars, our health, and our homes, but this is where many of us fall short, for those are considered short-term life policies. The insurance policy that I am in the process of attaining this world knows not of, for it is a long-term everlasting life policy that only my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can provide.

“Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my father in heaven.”

Mathew 10:32




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