As I prepare myself for this nights slumber I think of how much I will love you tomorrow, for the love that I have for you is more than pictures accompanied by words, it is so much more. The love that I have for you gives me purpose, it makes me whole, it completes me. I was once all alone in a self-made world full of my sins, but He saved me, He gave me you. These words that I set free to wander will find you, for they have a true story to tell, a story full of my love for you. Many wonder why I express my love for you in this manner, but many know not of my love, for my love is heaven sent. When one thinks one will never find true love one may not be prepared for what may come, but I waited patiently for your arrival, I prayed for you, He blessed me. As I say my last goodbyes to this day I think of you, so I say goodnight my love. In my dreams I will love you through the night, for if one chooses to love you as I do, one must love you, “24-7/365.”

I love you…..



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