It is truly a blessing watching you wake, I fight my sleep through the night so I will not miss your rising with the sun. As I guard my sleeping beauty I gaze in appreciation, for I know that I am blessed to have you on this day. My anticipation grows with every sudden move that you make in route to your beautiful awakening, it could be your rollover move followed by the pulling of our sheets, or your outstretched arms followed by a yawn, both signs of your rising with the sun. Waiting for your wake up call can be maddening at times, for the anticipation of your arrival would not let me sleep through the night. As you rise with the sun I can feel your warmth, for the coldness and the loneliness that was of the night is now gone. My love we are blessed once again to share this day together, for this night will soon be upon us. As this day grows tired and this night begins to wake, I prepare myself for this evenings changing of the guard.

“I will love you through the day, and I will watch over you through the night.”

Restless for your Love……



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