When I first met your beauty I was speechless, I was at a lost for words, I was mute. Your beauty cast a spell upon me, I could not break it, I did not want to. I became lost within your beauty, I wandered alone not wanting to be found. Your beauty craves my attention, your beauty stalks me, I am its prey, I will not put up a fight, I am yours, feed. Your beauty, no introduction is needed, we know each other well, we have met many times before, in my dreams. Your beauty calls me, I answer, your beauty speaks, I listen. Your beauty, my hidden thoughts, our secret meeting place. Your beauty, my longing, together beautiful times await. Your beauty, my addiction, my drug of choice, my new high. Your beauty gives me reason, your beauty gives me purpose, your beauty gives, your beauty I take. Your beauty, kidnapped, held hostage within the confines of my mind. Your beauty, my mental captive, welcome home.

Your beauty…..



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