Last night I could not fall to sleep, so I turned my television on and I streamed an episode of the Nature Channel. The episode that I watched was about a young male lion and his coming of age in a world where the strongest eat well and the weakest are consumed, only the strong survived. His life was filmed in chronological order, from his first breath until his last gasp, it was truly heartfelt, it was an awakening, it was a blueprint to follow for those of us who choose to fight until the very end. As I watched his life unfold I became inspired by his will to live, for the young cub was determined and he was full of heart, he was destined to become King, and a mighty King he became. The King had one job to perform daily, for the lionesses took the lions share of the duties within the pride, but the job the King held was of utmost importance, for he patrolled the outer reaches of his territory day and night. The King kept watch for the ravenous ones, three young male adult lions from a not so distant pride that would like nothing more than to take the life that belonged to him, the life of a King. I watched the King reign for years, his scars had many stories to tell as he fought epic battles while keeping watch over his pride and his territory. As the program was nearing its end I noticed that the Kings roar was no longer strong as it once was, it was now weak, it was labored, it told all to those that were within ears reach that the King will soon be meeting his inevitable demise. After hearing the Kings not so mighty roar in the distance, the three young adult male lions, now bigger, stronger, and faster than the aging King became more confident, for they knew that the Kings days of ruling his territory were coming to an end, it was time to overthrow the King! When that time came the King was making his daily rounds, but this day felt different, for the air was still and the plains did not speak to him, the silence was deafening to the king, but it was also a loud warning that the King had to listen to. As the king cautiously made his rounds around the far outer reaches of the perimeter he was quickly ambushed by the three young adult male lions, he was caught off guard, he was trapped. With the King now in for the fight of his life he took one final deep breath and roared like no other, “I am the King, heart I possess, I will not go down without a fight!” As the battle began the King held his ground and fought valiantly, he fought with all that he had, but battling three young adult male lions all at once was more than he could handle, so the mighty King was dethroned, but he did not go down without a fight, for he fought with the heart of a lion.

With the heart of a lion…..



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