Thank You Lord for allowing us to love each other as we do, for there are many in this world who have taken notice of the love that You have have blessed us with. Lord we have set a high standard with the love that we share and for those who choose to follow. As my heart disrobes in front of the world for all to see a feeling of achievement begins to explore my being, for I dreamed of letting this world know that true love does exist, our true love. With the world now on notice we must stay steadfast with our love, for there are dark forces in this world that will try to test our love and faith as we continue to grow spiritually together. In this cold world our love is warmth, it is comfort, it is good for the soul! It is 3am as I think of you, I watch your sleeping beauty in its stillness, in its warmth, in its comfort. As I gaze at your sleeping beauty that is within arms reach my thoughts are only of you, but I shall let your sleeping beauty rest, for when the sun rises your sleeping beauty will wake and shine bright. As I fight my sleep to watch the sunrise wake your sleeping beauty I think of how blessed we are to greet this new day, for there are many that will not see this world wake. Lord I would like to thank You for making this new day possible, and for allowing us to love each other as we do.

“Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ephesians 5:20

Thank You…..



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