The Faith in me, my sin, my guilt, my up and down life, my emotional roller coaster. Lord the Faith in me gets lonely when I wander, when I roam, when I stray too far. The Faith in me, left behind, my lonely heart, vulnerable, soon to be taken by this ungodly world once again. Lord my lonely heart is under attack, it is gagged, it is tied up, it is thrown into a trunk, it is kidnapped by sinful thoughts that have risen from out of the shadows, my past. Lord the Faith in me would like to keep me closer to home but there are times when this ungodly world hunts me down. Their dogs, unleashed, we meet, I run, their traps, the unholy of this this world catches its prey. Lord I begin to weaken when I leave the Faith in me too far behind, my lonely heart, my sin filled journey to a sin filled world, my home away from home. But Lord the Faith in me is patient, the Faith in me is starring out of the window awaiting my lonely hearts return, my lonely heart arrives, the Faith in me, my lonely heart, together once again.

Welcome home……



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