Equality starts at home, and then you proceed from there. I have been married for ten years, I have learned much about myself through this beautiful experience. My thoughts that I share with you are my truths, their intentions are not to tell you how to go about your life, for your life is yours, and my life is mine, we share not. I have been observing my Queen for a few weeks now and I must say, she is beautiful, but my main focus was aimed at her day to day activities. I watched her for days on end, my eyes became blurry and my neck began to ache, for they could not keep up with her running back and forth on a daily and continuous basis, I became fatigued, but I was also inspired by the way that she ran our household. I must admit, being the Queen is a full time job, my respect goes out to all of the Queens out there that wear the crown, for heavy is the head that it sits upon, it is time for your curtain call. From what I observed some days are easier than others for my Queen, she is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a cook, a maid, a taxi, an accountant, a calendar, a loving shoulder to cry on, and the list goes on. Who is my Queen when the crown comes off, does she even know? My Queen at times feels as if the world is storming the castle, archers aiming, flaming arrows falling from the sky, catapults propelling stones, battering rams knocking, “They are climbing the walls, we must save the Queen!” I will save my Queen, I will lighten her load, I must, I will. I will wash dishes more frequently, I will fill my Queens gas tank, for there should be no reason for here to do so, I am her King. I will go grocery shopping when my Queen is preoccupied or too tired to do so. I will mop and vacuum, for my Queens shoulders hurt, I will ease her pain. I will be a better King, I will be a better man, I will. Here is a little advice for those of you who are still with me. Watch, listen, and observe your significant other, for they speak with words unspoken at times, pay attention, for they cry out loud on the inside but they are silent on the outside. Take note of their stress, their anxieties, their pains, their exhaustion, for it is telling. Well I guess I will end this piece as is.

Her King


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