I am a fifty-two year old disabled man with daily aches and pains, I feel as if I have reached my twilight ahead of schedule but I am not one to complain, for I know that I am blessed to be alive. Becoming of age can be an awakening, the act or moment of being aware of things that one did not see prior. In my twilight I now see things for what they truly are, for when I was younger I did not understand man’s coldness, his deceit, his hate, and his propaganda, the deliberate systematic attempt to alter our perceptions, our conditions, and direct our behaviors to achieve his desired agendas. I embrace my twilight, for it is a time of reflection, it is that time in ones life where one can find him or herself in a state of wonder, where dreams of the past are brought back to life, if only to say, what if? In my twilight I embrace the dreams that are of my past with the objective of bringing them to fruition, but their shelf life is due to expire along with my motivation. My time on this earth is getting short so I must act now, for darkness stalks my fading light as if it were its prey and I will soon be within its grasp, but for now…..

“The Hunt Continues”



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