It is not easy being a step-father, it is difficult, it is challenging, it is a heavy load, but it is also what I chose to be. When one chooses to take on the responsibilities of another mans children instead of making his own, one often wonders what could of been. At times it feels as if I am on the outside looking in, as if I am watching someone else’s family grow within my own home. I have been married for ten wonderful years, but there are moments when I feel as if I do not belong, as if I am out of place, as if I am only needed when called upon, and then I retreat back to my lonely existence. I have been waiting to exhale for some time now, and I have chosen you to be the recipient of my written words, for when I speak out loud concerning my feelings on this subject I seem to always become the villain, so the time has come for me to be silent, from now on my thoughts in black and white will speak for me. It has been a while since I have written anything because I started a new seizure medicine which makes it difficult to express myself as I once did, so I ask you to bear with me during this process. I would like to thank you for being here for me, for without you, I have no voice.

It is not easy……



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