We made our escape my wife and I, it was planned, for we wanted a taste of solitude and isolation that was of our making and not theirs, if only for a short while. My wife and I had been feeding off of the cold plate of harsh reality that they serve daily and we became full, we could no longer ingest their lies, their deceit, their division, their unholiness, their hate, a full body cleansing was needed. As we escaped we held hands and giggled as happy children do, it was a feeling reminiscent of days buried deep within our childhood memories, it was as if they arose and came to life, we had no worries in the world, we left adulthood behind, if only for a short while. As we ran away to a destination unknown to all we were free to frolic as we pleased, for there was no one to govern our happiness, our Joy, our peace, if only for a short while. Our escape was truly what we needed and I suggest to all that you follow our lead and do not look back, for your lives are not yours alone while in their world, get away from it all, cleanse, if only for a short while.

If only for a short while…..



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