I have a short story that I would like to share with you concerning faith, the complete trust or confidence in someone or something; a strong belief in God. The date was Tuesday October 17, 1989, at approximately 5:05 pm. I will always remember this date and time for three reasons:

1.The Loma Prieta Earthquake.

2. The World Series By The Bay.

3. The day I became a witness.

At the time I was sharing an apartment with two close friends of mine, we had been living together for three years, and in that time span we became friends with our next door neighbors. We had this one neighbor named Jenny who we played cards with from time to time. Jenny and I had a successful platonic relationship, we became close, we became friends. Jenny and I talked about everything under the sun except for our belief or disbelief in the ever after. At times I often wondered why she never brought the subject of faith up during any of our many conversations, but I can tell you why I did not, I was unfit spiritually to discuss things of which I knew not of. Then one day out of the blue Jenny says to me: “Dame, I am an Atheist.” With a look of relief she continued to explain how she began to practice the absolute denial or existence of God, that it was passed down, that it is generational, that it is inherited, it is who she is. It was who she was until that day, that fateful day. That fateful day was Tuesday October 17, 1989. It was one of those days when life just seemed to good to be true. I was surrounded by good people, good food, good music, good alcohol, and to top it off, it was The World Series By The Bay, what a beautiful day it was. As the game was nearing its start Jenny decided that she was going to go home because she was feeling a bit tipsy, from what I observed Jenny was drunk, so I decided to walk her home before the game started. During the second quarter of the game is when it all took place, when a beautiful day turned ugly. Our tiny place of dwelling began to shake so violently that I thought the whole apartment complex was going to collapse. Amongst the chaos that surrounded me I heard someone screaming frantically outside, so I decided to go and see who was in distress, and to my surprise, it was Jenny. As our eyes greeted each other I began to interpret her frantic speech, and I was stunned by the words that she expressed:


“I will save you; you will not fall by the sword but will escape with your life, because you trust me, declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 39:18

Jesus save me…..



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