We are not immune to making mistakes, we were born to make them. Although there are many gifts that the Lord has blessed us with, there is one gift that I have come to truly appreciate, and that is the gift of understanding. I now understand that one should not judge, to form an opinion or conclusion about something or someone. As you have judged, I have judged as well, without knowing the consequences that will accompany those who do judge. The Lord has shown me the error in my ways through certain disabilities that I have acquired along my journey. There are times when others feel the need to satisfy their mental curiosity by examining my body with their inner thoughts, and although their inner conversations are silent to the outside world, their body language speaks loudly in my eyes. It could be that subtle elbow nudge to his or her partner followed by the deceiving finger point, or that surprised look when I catch them staring in a state of wonder. What are they whispering? Are they talking about my limp? Can they see my scars? That is why I do not go out, I should of stayed home! Those were my thoughts of a time that has since passed, with reason being, the Lord has forever changed my thinking to that of a man who is grateful for his limp, for it comes with being able to walk. I have also come to appreciate the scars that I have attained from the battlefield of life, for they signify perseverance, patience, fortitude, courage, and most of all, faith.

“Judge not, that you be not judged.”

Mathew 7:1

I am sorry……



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