I was lost and I got tired of running, I knew not of the day, month, or year, for I had been running too long. “Where am I?” “Why am I running?” “Where am I running to.” Who or what am I running from?” Lord I needed you in my life but the world had other plans for my soul, plans that did not include you. Early on I turned my back on your heavenly light, for the darkness gave me comfort, the darkness protected me, and the darkness hid my pain. Lord I ran from your light for the fear of being seen, for the fear of being reprimanded, all my wrongdoings illuminated by the presence of you light. But Lord I now bask in the glory that is of your light, for it gives me a warmth that this world knows not of. Lord I would like to thank you for blessing me with your heavenly light, for I can now see things for what they truly are.

“While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

John 9:5

Follow His light…..



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