The anger that resides in me is deserving of a standing ovation and is worthy of an applause, for my friend has always been there for me in all my times of need. My friend has helped me overcome the side effects of being the nice guy, the guy who would give you the shirt off his back, the guy who just can’t say no. My friend Anger, born from the greed and selfishness that is in this world has become a mainstay in my daily existence. He is my faithful friend that is always on guard duty protecting me from those in this cold world who would take advantage of my kindness, for they know that is where my weakness resides. The world takes no days off so my friend works overtime to keep mans greed and selfishness at bay, especially during times such as these, times of self-preservation. My friend and I became one by experiencing many of life’s growing pains together, we needed each other to survive in a world that only looks after its own. One would think that in times such as these I would be in need of my friend more than ever, but one would be wrong, for I have found something greater than he. The time that I spent with my friend was an essential part of my growth that I will not soon forget, but as my spiritual maturation process continues to develop I have noticed certain changes in my friends behavior, it seems as if he has picked up jealousy in route to my spiritual growth. My friend has brought to my attention on more than one occasion that I have been spending more time with the Lord than I was spending with him. As he continued to expose his true inner feelings to me a feeling of separation crept in, he was beginning to act out on his own, I started to feel as if he never needed me except as a means of transportation. As he continued to put his true nature on display I noticed that my friend was turning into rage, and with one deep breathe, followed by the pounding of his chest, he screamed…..


“Because human anger does not produce the righteousness that “GOD” deserves.”

James 1:20

Goodbye my friend…..



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