Lord I thank You for leading me to greener pastures, for sending me to a safe place, I am settling in nicely. My transition was a smooth one, I fought not, I needed change, I needed something new, I needed peace in a world without. Lord as I lie down in greener pastures I rest in peace and my thoughts are not many, for unholy worldly distractions are behind me now, I have moved on. Greener pastures, quiet waters, a calming breeze, the sun shines bright, I am engulfed in warmth, comfort You give. Lord many have taken notice of my renewal, they gaze in wonder, I point upwards, no words spoken, praise and glory I give to You. Greener pastures, my new beginning, my serenity, my tranquility, my sobriety, thank You Lord, I am at peace now.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides quiet waters.”

Psalm 23:2

Greener pastures…….



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