Lord I come to You on this night with a pleading heart, for there are many who are drowning in the stormy seas of life as they have not yet chosen You to be their lifeguard that is always on duty. The disbelief that those lost at sea carry within is beginning to weigh them down, for they are slowly sinking towards the abyss. As the strong winds from the sea blow across the shoreline I can hear the cries of those lost, for without your grace and mercy the rising tides and their tears that fall will soon become one. Lord there was a time when I was lost at sea and I thought You did not hear my cries, but You saved me from a cold, dark, and watery grave. Lord their are still many lost at sea and I pray that you hear their cries, for those sinking now know that they cannot stay afloat without You in their lives. Lord I also pray that You show the lost ones mercy, and I pray that the rising tides and their tears that fall never become one.

“He stilled the storm to whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”

Psalm 107:29

Lost at sea…..



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