Mom, I need you here with me, your motherly love, so dearly missed, my heavy tears make my head bow down, my hands cover my face, I drop to my knees, my tears flood the floor. Mom I am trying to be strong without you here with me but I find it difficult to achieve, for the thought of you weakens me to the point of physical discontinuance. Mom your passing has broken my heart beyond repair, it is now only shattered fragments of what it once was, I pray to the Lord daily that He makes my heart whole again. Mom when I look in the mirror I see you in me, we stare in each others eyes, we smile, we reminisce, we laugh, we cry, we then turn and walk in opposite directions until we see each other again. Mom I know that I am blessed that He has left a part of you within me, but I have turned selfish during your absence. Mom I need your unconditional love, I need your comfort, I need your shoulder to lean on, I need your words of wisdom, I need your understanding, I need your truth, I need your encouragement, I need your warm and loving embrace, mom, I need you here with me.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Psalm 34:8

I need you here with me……



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