“The Dark Stranger”

I do not know why I titled this piece “The Dark Stranger,” for I know exactly who he is, not long ago we were one, he was I, and I was him. Thirteen years ago I turned my life over to the Lord and He saved me from myself, the dark side of me, I left behind, he is now alone to wander this unholy world with no one to guide into the never after. The Dark Stranger, he no longer has a purpose in my absence, he is not needed as he once was, he is not a part of the Lords plan for me. For thirteen years I have been preyed upon, stalked, and hunted, my neck, a swivel, my eyes, wide open, my arms, they sway back and forth, my feet, they follow my arms lead, I run from my past. The Dark Stranger, he shall not catch me, for brighter horizons await my arrival. There are times when I find it difficult to venture out into this world, for I know that The Dark Stranger waits for me, patiently, but his time is getting short, I am not getting any younger, I will continue test his patience until the Lord calls me home. My faith, his unfaithfulness, The Lords Light, his darkness, My Savior, The Dark Stranger, I win, the end.

Do not be deceived:

“Bad company ruins good morals.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

The Dark Stranger……



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