My pain is real, but at times it is an excuse that I use, for I pick and choose when to fight through this pain, it is a weakness that I shall not have for much longer. The dying of my cells are beginning to age me, I am not as young and well built as I once was, my body aches, there is not a lot of fight left in me, my pain, my excuse. My weight fluctuates, up and down it goes, no taste, no teeth, my throat hurts from the radiation treatments, it is hard to swallow the majority of the time, my pain, my excuse. I need to build my lung capacity, I was told to walk short distances daily to help my plight, but my punctured lungs and broken ribs make breathing a chore, my pain, my excuse. I was advised to lift light weights every other day to build muscle mass before their natural decline reaches its destination, but my broken shoulder, arthritis has made a home there, my pain, my excuse. I was also advised to build muscle mass in my legs, but I need to exercise them three times a week at the rehabilitation center to achieve this goal, but my knee and ankle hurts, so at home I stay, my pain, my excuse. I want to travel to see my family and friends but the seats are small, uncomfortable they are, my body will hurt during the flight, my pain, my excuse. I would like to finish my book, almost complete it is, but my headaches from my fracture skull tells me to slow down: “You are too consumed, take a break, I will then leave, but I will not be far away,” my pain, my excuse. Excuses are for those who truly do not want to achieve their desired goals, I no longer want to be associated with them, I will make sure that we no longer have anything in common, for I have goals that I want to achieve in this life, no more excuses.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

No more excuses……



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