I was once empty within, a dark bottomless pit of despair, unholy choices made, I have on one to blame but myself, my fist step, accountability. His Light I see up above, I want to shine bright within, but darkness surrounds me, my second step, I head towards His Light. As I continue my long and arduous journey upwards I think of what is to come, my peace, my joy, my salvation, my third step, hunger. It feels as if every step that I take His Light comes no closer, I do not know if I am worthy of His Calling, but I continue on, my fourth step, Faith. I am tired, I am thirsty, I am in pain, but I care not, for I know that these worldly ailments will be short lived as long as I continue to ascend, my fifth step, understanding. They say it is the journey and not the destination, to this I disagree, for our final destination depends on how we conduct ourselves during our journey, my sixth step, wisdom. Missteps I will make along my journey, for I lose my grip at times when I look down below to see what I am leaving behind, with one hand I dangle, I swing from side to side, nothing but darkness below, my seventh step, prayer. I can hear the cries from those down below, they scream, they moan, they cry, but prayers I do not hear, I shall pray for them, my eighth step, intercession. I once was unable to see His Guiding Light through the darkness that once held me captive, a prisoner of my own making, my transgressions, unholy choices made, I prayed for forgiveness, He forgave, my ninth step, mercy. My destination is known, I am on my way, it is His Light that I follow now, a blessing asked for, a blessing given, a blessing received, I thank You Lord, my tenth step, I continue to rise…..

“Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.”

Micah 7:8

I continue to rise……



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