I raise my hands and I scream amen for all to see and for all to hear, many should notice the change in me, for blessed I have been. My Lord and Savior we know each other well now, His love for me, my love for Him, together we shall rise, I wait patiently for His arrival. I raise my hands and I scream out loud, for joyful I am to be a part of His plan on this new day, I have been blessed, I watched the sun rise. And although I do not know what may come my way on this new day I shall pray, not only for myself, but for all, fellowship. I raise my hands and I scream Amen, a habit it has become, but no intervention is needed, for I love the Lord and the feeling of euphoria that He gives me. I am addicted to serving the Lord now, there is no going back to the way that it once was, my unholiness, my wrongdoings, my sinful ways, they have all been forgiven, and all the people scream Amen.

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

Romans 12:11




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  1. I like your short story wrotong approach including snopets from the Bible. Also the cartonn image version of you?
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