Pssst, over here, don’t do it, come with me, my car is right over here, let’s go, we do not have much time left……

I have a short story that I would like to share with you concerning this young man that I met, His name is Robert, he and his friends were going to rob a grocery store until I intervened.

“The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, He hates with a passion.”

Psalm 11:5

Robert came from a broken home, he was an only child, his mother was using drugs and his father lived elsewhere, Robert had to raise himself. Robert grew up in San Francisco, one of the most attractive cities in the world, but like all cities, the ghettos are hidden, or not spoken of.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Hold on, I have to answer this call…….

That was a friend of mine, him and his wife are having marital issues, so I am going to make this short story even shorter, my apologies.

The night I met Robert I was walking from my car and I heard a couple of gunshots go off, so I leaned against the corner wall and I took a peek. What I saw broke my heart, it was as if I was involved, I saw a young kid scared, I felt I had to do something, so I did, I gave Robert a chance for redemption, I took him home with me.

“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Isaiah 54:13

That was ten years ago, Robert graduated from a Christian College in Mt. Vernon New York, he just completed his graduate program, Robert is doing well now.


That was a lovely heart felt story, but what I want to know is what happened later that night? Oh, the robbery you mean? Those two gunshots I heard, they killed two people, one was a child in a stroller, and the other was her mother while they were entering the store. About ten minutes after Robert and I escaped from the crime scene, police officers surrounded the market and a shoot out began, Robert’s friends killed three police officers before they were gunned down.

“The merciful man does good for his own soul, but he who is cruel troubles his own flesh.”

Proverbs 11:17

Over here…..



11 thoughts on ““OVER HERE”

  1. What an amazing story of redemption and grace. Reading it makes me want to hear so much more. It’s like a teaser from a great movie. Inspiration for a book maybe? Blessings. 🙏🏾

  2. Damon, I believe God puts opportunities in front of us more often than we realize. Well done for taking this opportunity put before you.

  3. Damon,
    I love how you show grace in giving the picture of a person’s past. Oh that we may all show more grace. Thank you. And thank you so much for connecting!

  4. I appreciate the way you incorporate the Scriptures into your heartfelt sharings. God bless.

    Thanks also for the likes you posted on my blog posts. Keep holding forth the Word of Life.

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