Friend: “Damon O’Bannon, man it has been a long time, how have you been?” Me: “What’s up Larry? It’s been around twenty tears since I last saw you, I thought I would never see you again.” Friend: “You mean twenty years?” Me: “No, you heard me right, twenty tears. I take one hour, out ofContinue reading ““THE NEW CREATION””


As we journey through this life, loss will be here to accompany us for the duration of our stay. There are many forms of loss, but the loss that we all have in common is the physical aspect of loss, which is death. From birth we are groomed for loss, we lose the peace, theContinue reading ““LIFE AWAITS””


In the last twelve years I have been what what most would call lucky, but I would disagree with that assessment, for I truly believe that my Lord and Savior blessed me with continued preservation. He has been with me through it all, I now stand tall because of his grace and mercy, so myContinue reading ““I HAVE MY REASONS””


When “I” awoke from my coma after my car accident “I” did not know if “I” was going to live or die, so “I” stayed awake at night for fear of not waking up. As my sleepless nights began to wear me down mentally and physically “I” decided to pray to my Lord and SaviorContinue reading ““I””


I was at the grocery store yesterday and I ran into an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a number of years…… FRIEND: “Dame is that you?” ME: “Excuse me?” FRIEND: “Dame it’s Ron!” ME: “What’s up Ron, I didn’t recognize you, how is the family doing?” Friend: “I am doing greatContinue reading ““FOR BETTER OR WORSE””


Lord I come to you on this day with a pleading heart, for there are many who are drowning in the stormy seas of life, for they chose not to have you as their lifeguard who is always on duty. The disbelief that those “lost at sea” carry within is beginning to weigh them down,Continue reading ““LOST AT SEA””


Lord I am trying with all that I have to gain spiritual wisdom through Your scriptures, for I know they are the way to Your heart. Lord You have shown me that my days are numbered, but You have also shown me that salvation awaits. Lord my spirit is hungry, my spirit is restless, myContinue reading ““GIVE THANKS””


I have been having this feeling as if someone or something is trying to set me up as of late, the signs are everywhere, some big, some small, but signs nonetheless. I was standing in line waiting patiently at the grocery store and out of nowhere a man accompanied by his wife cut the lineContinue reading ““NEXT IN LINE””


Lord I surrender to You on bended knees, I no longer fight behind enemy lines, I now submit to Your words of truth, I cease resistance. As I surrender myself to You Lord I ask for Your forgiveness of my past transgressions, for I was lost in the world behind enemy lines. I now callContinue reading ““I SURRENDER””


There are times when it is hard to smile, for when I do the the pain shows through, but if not for this pain, would I know to fight? My pain is more than a physical sensation that is signaled from the body to the brain, it is a mental labyrinth of exhausting corridors ofContinue reading ““IN SEARCH OF””

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