With all the difficulties that my wife and I have endured over the last three years I would not change a thing, for I have come to learn that without those things I would have never become associated with the Lord on such a deep and personal level. I cannot explain the feelings that areContinue reading ““I AM ON MY WAY””


I have been having this feeling as if someone is trying to set me up as of late. The signs are everywhere, some big, some small, but signs nonetheless. Me: “Excuse me sir, but my wife and I have been standing in line for over an hour now.” Man: “And? I have been living inContinue reading ““NEXT IN LINE””


We are not immune to making mistakes, for we were born to make them. Although there are many gifts that the Lord has blessed us with, there is one gift that I have come to truly appreciate, and that is the gift of understanding. I now understand that one should not judge, to form anContinue reading ““I AM SORRY””

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