There are times when it is hard to smile, for when I do the the pain shows through, but if not for this pain, would I know to fight? My pain is more than a physical sensation that is signaled from the body to the brain, it is a mental labyrinth of exhausting corridors ofContinue reading ““IN SEARCH OF””


Lord I am trying with all that I have to gain spiritual wisdom through Your scriptures, for I know they are the way to Your heart. Lord You have shown me that my days are numbered, but You have also shown me that salvation awaits. Lord my spirit is hungry, my spirit is restless, myContinue reading ““GIVE THANKS””


I went from drinking alcohol for twenty-three straight years to a pre-made family without learning who truly I was, or who I wanted to become. Ten years ago I woke up as an adult, a husband, a step-father, a poppa, and a provider. After twenty-three long years in a state of drunkenness the fog thatContinue reading ““DO NOT FEAR, NOR BE DISMAYED””


Over the past three years I have learned that a persons curiosity may be attracted to the scars that one may have rather than the person that is associated with them. My scars belong to me, they are mine, and I take full ownership of them, for they represent the pain that come from thisContinue reading “”YOU HAVE SET ME FREE””

“Dinner Was Just The Appetizer ”

Be careful who you invite over your house for dinner, for there are many that will try to keep their bellies full, by feeding off of you….. I appeal to you brothers, watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For suchContinue reading ““Dinner Was Just The Appetizer ””


Lord I thank you for watching over me during my early years of uncertainty, for I was lost with only a map of random footprints to follow when the world was my guide. Lord as I now follow your scriptures I am no longer lost, for your words of truth has shown me the way,Continue reading ““MY GPS””

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