Throughout history the white man has always wanted the black woman. The white man makes up his own rules when it comes to his racism, for he will hang the black man in public, but he will disrobe the black woman behind closed doors. I can recall twenty years ago when all the white modelsContinue reading ““NATURAL BEAUTY””


As I stand naked in the mirror looking at my truth, the reflection that I cast is that of a storm brewing. With a bright flash and a thundering growl, followed by the darkening of the sky, a feeling of weathering begins to storm my being. As I age, my reflection does not mirror myContinue reading ““THE STORMS OF LIFE””


As my hair grays and my age rises my thoughts are beginning to haunt me, for I should of given more of myself to you, just as you give all of yourself to me. The thought of you leaving me behind never crossed my mind because you have so much of yourself to give, butContinue reading ““TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE””


The world does not prepare you for the Godly character traits that love demands, such as: *LOYALTY- a strong feeling of support. *MUTUAL RESPECT- in order for a relationship to remain healthy, both partners must be equally respected and appreciated. *SELFLESSNESS- thinking of others before yourself; generous, kind. *TRUTHFULNESS- to have confidence, or hope inContinue reading ““IT TAKES MORE THAN LOVE””


The love that my father and I have for each other goes beyond mans understanding, for the love that we share is not of this world. OUR love gives Our LOVE is pure Our love IS honest Our love is EVERLASTING!


Drinking from the age of fourteen to forty I had a late start in life. I am fifty-one years of age, which makes me to be around twenty- six in conscious years, for alcoholism stunted my growth. I have always wanted children of my own, but I did not want to bring kids into thisContinue reading “”POPPA””

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