I have been having this feeling as if someone or something is trying to set me up as of late, the signs are everywhere, some big, some small, but signs nonetheless. I was standing in line waiting patiently at the grocery store and out of nowhere a man accompanied by his wife cut the lineContinue reading ““NEXT IN LINE””


There are times when it is hard to smile, for when I do the the pain shows through, but if not for this pain, would I know to fight? My pain is more than a physical sensation that is signaled from the body to the brain, it is a mental labyrinth of exhausting corridors ofContinue reading ““IN SEARCH OF””


It is truly a blessing watching you wake, I fight my sleep through the night so I won’t miss your rising with the sun. As I guard my sleeping beauty I gaze in appreciation, for I know that I am truly blessed to have you on this day. My anticipation grows with every sudden moveContinue reading ““RESTLESS FOR YOUR LOVE””


Over the past four years I have learned that a persons curiosity may be attracted to the scars that one may have rather than the person that is associated with them. My scars belong to me, they are mine, and I take full ownership of them, for they represent the pain that come from thisContinue reading “”YOU HAVE SET ME FREE””

“Dinner Was Just The Appetizer ”

Be careful who you invite over your house for dinner, for there are many that will try to keep their bellies full, by feeding off of you….. I appeal to you brothers, watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For suchContinue reading ““Dinner Was Just The Appetizer ””


At 52 years of age I have come to appreciate the internal beauty that is within others rather than the external beauty that is shown outwardly on a daily basis. Although I have an appreciation for external beauty, there are other facets of beauty that interest me as well, for there is a hidden treasureContinue reading ““HANDLE WITH CARE””


As I prepare myself for this nights slumber I think of how much I will love you tomorrow, for the love that I have for you is more than pictures accompanied by words, it is so much more. The love that I have for you gives me purpose, it makes me whole, it completes me.Continue reading ““24-7/365””


Lord I thank you for watching over me during my early years of uncertainty, for I was lost with only a map of random footprints to follow when the world was my guide. Lord as I now follow your scriptures I am no longer lost, for your words of truth has shown me the way,Continue reading ““MY GPS””


Mom your presence is truly missed, I wish I could say that your absence gets easier as the painful years continue, but they do not. Mom I smile as I think of you, and I want you to know that I smile often, for my thoughts of you bring me joy. As I lay underContinue reading ““MY HEART ACHES DAILY FOR YOU””


This is Just a short reminder of how I truly feel about you, and although I express the love that I have for you daily it could never be enough, for the love that I have for you has no end in sight. My love for you is more than an intense feeling of deepContinue reading ““JUST A SHORT REMINDER””

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