Many moons ago there was a young man full of potential, but that potential was thwarted by the drunkenness of his body, and the wickedness of his tongue. His tongue was the spark that ignited many fires, fires that burned many bridges, bridges that would carry him over the stumbling blocks that those of theContinue reading ““TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED””


The anger that resides in me is deserving of a standing ovation and is worthy of an applause, for my friend has always been there for me in all my times of need. My friend has helped me overcome the side effects of being the “THE NICE GUY,” the guy who would give you theContinue reading ““GOODBYE MY FRIEND””


I was lost and I got tired of running, I knew not of the day, month, or year, for I had been running too long. “Where am I?” “Why am I running?” “Who am I running from?” “Where am I running to?” Lord I needed you in my life but the world had other plansContinue reading ““FOLLOW THE LIGHT””


2010….. Me: “What happened?” Man: “You are in the hospital, you had a major heart attack, we call it the Widow Maker, relax, you will be here for some time.” God: “And call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” Psalms 50:15 Me: “God I callContinue reading ““MAN?””

“Living with pain”

As my pain awakens me I shall not sleep, for the memories from which my pain was born will keep me company until the sun rises. As I try to get acclimated to this repetitive loop, my new roommate seems to have an issue with touching things that do not belong to him. During ourContinue reading ““Living with pain””


Over the past three months that I have been sharing my thoughts and feelings with you I let something happen, I let my writings absorb me, the more I wrote, the more angrier I became. My wife informed me that I needed to fix it or stop writing, for if I didn’t, my anger andContinue reading ““YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!””


So I set up an encounter with the Angry Black Man, but I thought it would be best if we met in a public place, for you cannot trust anyone these days, not even yourself. The meeting took place at our local shopping mall near the food court. We both arrived around the same time.Continue reading ““MY ANGER, MY FRIEND””

WIFE: “Let’s go on vacation.” HUSBAND: “Where would you like to go?” WIFE: “Africa!” HUSBAND: “Why Africa?” WIFE: “It looks like paradise, do you think it will be safe over there?” HUSBAND: “What does the brochure say?” WIFE: “Beware of animals outside of perimeter.” HUSBAND: “We will be safe as long as we follow theirContinue reading

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