January 22, 2020 “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Donal Trump February 2, 2020 “We pretty much shut it down coming from China.” Donald Trump February 27, 2020 “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” March 4,Continue reading ““ANY LAST WORDS?””


Lord I need you! I am experiencing marital discord at this time in my life, my concerns have nothing to do with desires of the flesh, but I need your help. Lord I did not give myself enough time to heal mentally after drinking for such a long period of time. I went from drinkingContinue reading ““YOU ARE NOT ALONE””


Many of us go through life with blinders on, a pair of small screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it from seeing sideways and behind. It also prevents the horse from gaining full understanding of any given situation. Such as the horse, we have also been given blinders, for we are being ledContinue reading ““THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND””


“Our inability to see past the present is not because we do not have the eyes to see with, it is because we are being led through the eyes of others, and what they want us to see.” Once more Jesus put his hands on the mans eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sightContinue reading ““SEE FOR YOURSELF””


When I was in my early mental stages of accepting my throat cancer diagnosis I would walk around our home and gaze in wonder. I was looking at the life that I could possibly be leaving behind if my body did not fight off this cancerous invading force. During this time of of mental andContinue reading ““I THANK YOU BOTH””


Throughout history the white man has always wanted the black woman. The white man makes up his own rules when it comes to his racism, for he will hang the black man in public, but he will disrobe the black woman behind closed doors. I can recall twenty years ago when all the white modelsContinue reading ““NATURAL BEAUTY””

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