As I walk into the saloon I head towards the bar where I can drown my thoughts that are of this day, for they have been swimming in my mind since I rose from my restless nights sleep. As I sit down to begin my spiral into my abyss, I pause… Customer: “WE” don’t serveContinue reading ““STRAIGHT NO CHASER””


It was my choice! I placed myself into the traps that were lying in wait for my arrival. Unfortunately, I did not choose to disassociate myself from the issues that were having there way with me. I put all the blame on the world, when all along we were coworkers in his fight for myContinue reading ““IT WAS MY CHOICE!””


We are not immune to making mistakes, for we were born to make them. Although there are many gifts that the Lord has blessed us with, there is one gift that I have come to truly appreciate, and that is the gift of understanding. I now understand that one should not judge, to form anContinue reading ““I AM SORRY””


As the sun begins to settle for the evening I prepare myself for this nights changing of the guard. When the light of this day succumbs to the darkness of this night I will think of this day in remembrance, like those from a forgotten era whose footprints has since been covered by the windsContinue reading ““GOODNIGHT””

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