Lord I am trying with all that I have to gain spiritual wisdom through Your scriptures, for I know they are the way to Your heart. Lord You have shown me that my days are numbered, but You have also shown me that salvation awaits. Lord my spirit is hungry, my spirit is restless, myContinue reading ““GIVE THANKS””


Friend: “Dame O’Bannon, what have you been up to? Me: “Nothing much, what about you?” Friend: “I have been well, things are a little tight, but we are making it. I heard about what happened to you, how are you holding up? Me: “I am blessed, I am taking it one day at a time,Continue reading “SEE “YOUR” BLESSINGS”


The saying “Be in the moment” has a very special meaning to me, for many moments can become a lifetime of memories. For one to “Be in the moment,” one needs to be involved with ones thoughts at that particular moment in time, and not purposely pushing that moment away with mind altering substances. IContinue reading ““MOMENTS ARE MEMORIES””

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